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Spirited Women's Adventure race - sterling silver bracelet

Spirited Women's Adventure race - sterling silver bracelet

Exclusive designs for the competitor's in the annual Spirited Women's Adventure Race. The beautiful tui bird logo works so well in my glass image style jewellery. Enjoy a momento from your Acheviements on your big day out that you will cherish for year's to come. This year's south island was amazing! My team and I crossed the finish line in just under 14 hours this year and had such an amazing experience ~ again!

Hand crafted by me from Sterling Silver in my mount maunganui seaside studio. I am so pleased to be working with the Spirited Women's adventure race to create again to be making the winner's prize's for the fourth year in a row! You can't buy the winnner's prize - but I've created a few other exclusive pieces for you to choose from.

This pretty bracelet is made from a sterling silver oval base that I've soldered a strong loop onto. It is set with my signature bubble dome handmade glass stone. It is connected with a strong and hammered sterling silver chain. for The handmade glass stone features the beautiful Spirited Women's tui bird logo.